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Dropbox is an online service that gives you internet storage which you can then access from a web browser, directly from your PC via a special driver which makes it appear as a virtual folder, as well as portable devices such as your Android phone. Files in this shared virtual folder are kept synchronized, so whenever you put a file in your Dropbox folder on any device, it's updated on all your other devices. Certain folders in your Dropbox can be made "public" so they can be seen by anyone. Click here for the full feature list.

Dropbox gives you 2GB of space for free. You can pay extra to get up to 100GB of storage. Use this link to sign up for Dropbox and get an extra 250MB of storage for free.

Dropbox can be used on your Captivate as an alternative way to shuttle files to and from your phone. Install the Dropbox client on your phone, install it on your PC, and transferring files is as easy as moving to and from your Dropbox folder. One nice way to use your Dropbox is with Titanium Backup, which can be configured to upload your phone's backup files to your Dropbox, giving you a convenient way to get a safe offline backup of your phone.


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