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Location of MicroSD card behind battery cover.

Besides the built-in 16GB of internal storage, the Captivate can be expanded using MicroSD (or MicroSDHC) Flash memory storage cards. Currently the largest MicroSDHC card available is 32GB, which has been confirmed to work in the Captivate, allowing for a total of 48GB internal storage.

The MicroSD card slot is located behind the battery cover, next to the SIM card. To insert the MicroSD card, push it in gently until it clicks and locks into place. Do not pull in order to remove. Instead, push it again to click and release it, then slide it gently out. Do not force the card out if it seems stuck as it may not have released from the slot. Forcing the card risks damaging the card slot.

Once mounted, the MicroSD card contents will be mounted beneath the /sdcard folder as /sdcard/sd/. This naming convention is understandably a bit confusing.

Not all MicroSD cards are equal. Not only will you find varying degrees of quality and reliability from manufacturer to manufacturer, but there is an formal speed rating system in the form of "classes". "Class 2" cards have a sustained write speed of 2 megabytes per second, "Class 4" 4MB/s, and "Class 6" 6MB/s. (While there are some "Class 10" cards on the market, independent benchmarks have shown them to not be anywhere near that fast).

Recommended Cards

This particular author has had good luck with A-DATA, OCZ, Crucial (a division of Micron, who actually make their own memory chips), and Lexar. At the time of this writing, the best deal can probably be found with A-DATA brand cards, which are high quality, fast cards available for a great deal and with a lifetime warranty. Prices and availability changes regularly though so always do your own up-to-date research. SanDisk and Kingston cards tend to be the cheaper, lower-quality brands. While you aren't necessarily always going to get a bad card from them, the error-rate does tend to be higher on-average and the cards slower. One can do better for the same price or better.

Recommended Vendors

The highest-recommended vendor with the best prices is definitely NewEgg. You can find their list of MicroSD cards here, many with free shipping.

Other quality vendors where good deals can be found include:

If you want to max out your Captivate, you can now get a Class 4 32GB Kingston card from NewEgg with a bundled USB adapter for $99 and free shipping. This is even better than the 32GB SanDisk card, originally only available from Verizon, which is reported to be only Class 2.

Avoid unreliable sources like eBay for flash memory, especially larger-capacity cards, as a large quantity of the cards sold there are fake. They will be advertised as a large size but only have a fraction of that actually usable, which isn't realized until later when that usable amount is finally filled at which point data corruption or errors occur.


Benchmarks are to be performed using the free app SD Card Speed Test using the default 1MB buffer setting. Run the test several times to find steady speed results to make sure an unusually low number due to momentary activity is ruled out. Although the app doesn't make this obvious, it has been confirmed with the author that on Galaxy S phones, the app tests the external card by appending sd/ to the path.

BrandSizeClassWrite speed (MB/s)Read speed (MB/s)
Kingston SDC48GB45-710-11
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