USB cable won't stay securely in the Captivate

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Symptom: the micro USB cable that plugs into the top of the Captivate does not stay securely in, and is prone to falling out.

This is a common complaint by new Captivate owners unfamiliar with the slider door mechanism on the device.

Almost universally, it's caused by not opening up the slider door all the way. It's important to slide the door all the way open until it clicks and the little nub is flush against the side of the opening.

See the photos below:


3rd-party cables

This can also be caused by third-party cables not fitting well. The Captivate's MicroUSB port is a bit recessed and most 3rd-party cables have large rubber molding that prevents it from seating all the way in for a good connection. In these situations, it's necessary to trim the molding a bit with a razor blade. Most are soft enough that this can be done in just a few moments. All that's necessary is to taper it back a bit on both sides.

As an example, shown below is a gold-plated cable from Monoprice that has been trimmed using a razor blade to fit well into the Captivate. Notice both the top and bottom have been tapered.

A trimmed USB cable
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