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UPDATE: This method no longer works as of the JH7 update. See the new method below.

It is now possible to easily and quickly extract the unlock code from your phone for free.

Just install this app:

Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool


When you run it, it will quickly display both your unlock code as well as your unfreeze code.

New method (post-JH7)

The following method has been confirmed to work after the JH7 update. It does however require root.

Download and install Android Terminal Emulator from the Market. In Terminal Emulator, type:

busybox grep -E "^[0-9]{8}$" /efs/nv_data.bin

The unlock code will show up. Write it down for later use.

Other methods

If for some reason the above doesn't work for you, there is a utility you can run on your PC. But this method is more-involved, more complicated, and riskier. Not supported here, but provided for the sake of completeness and as a last-resort for those having problems:

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